AmiWest is just around the corner!

Date 14-Oct-2013 11:25:06
Topic: Events

Hello All,

AmiWest is less than one week away!

Things seem quiet in Amiga land now but I can assure everyone there is lots of work happening behind the scenes to make this a great show. I'm hopeful there will be a host of exciting announcements.

The show will be broadcast over the internet with both video and audio as it has in years past. Check the AmiWest Broadcast page for the latest details on servers and availability... (Please click 'Read more')

The banquet will feature a new caterer and a lower price! It is important that everyone register for a banquet ticket before the event so we provide an accurate head count. At the banquet we will have awards from the SACC club plus the new AmiWest Developer Award. After the Award presentations our featured speaker will be Eldee Stephens, followed by a panel discussion.

So come for the food, come for the friends, come for the Amiga.

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

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