TTEngine (5.0) released

Date 14-Nov-2002 21:02:51
Topic: Software News

TTEngine (formerly known as TTRender) is an AmigaOS library (named ttengine.library) for rendering high quality text using TrueType fonts. TTEngine is based on FreeType2 project. It is not a plain straightforward FreeType port however. TTEngine has many additional functionality implemented.

Here are the key features of TTEngine:

  • Renders strings (not only single glyphs) with kerning.

  • Has string metrics calculation functions.

  • Renders to any RastPort in a system friendly manner (JAM1, JAM2, INVERSVID, COMPLEMENT modes supported).
  • Works with OCS/ECS/AGA graphics chipsets as well as with graphics cards under CyberGraphX or Picasso96 control (all AGA modes supported including HAM and A2024)

  • Optional antialiased text on 16 and 24 bit screens.

  • User configurable antialias settings separately for every font face.

  • Luminance based antialiasing with RGB correction.

  • Optional text transparency (adjusted in 256 steps) on 16 and 24 bit screens.

  • Supports many 8-bit character encodings and 16/32-bit Unicode standard.

  • Has efficient, system-wide glyph bitmap caching system.

  • Allows for text pixmap extraction for further processing.

  • Font database allows for flexible font files storage and classification.

  • Application Programmer Interface highly compatible with graphics.library.

Download TTEngine (5.0) (159KB LhA)

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