FastView 2.0 on OS4Depot

Date 22-Oct-2013 12:31:10
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FastView 2.0 has been uploaded on OS4Depot, it should be the latest version.

FastView 2.0

The goal of this version is to provide some ways to open pictures without using the FastView main interface... (Please click 'Read more')

- by double-clicking picture directly in Workbench.
a kind of replacement for MultiView thanks to special FastView deficons

- by using a new Contextual Menu option "FastPicture"

- by script "APPDIR:FastView SinglePicture Picture_name.JPG"
(optionally, you can add Width and Height desired as parameters)

Thanks to Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis and to Paolo 'pvanni' for the suggestions

Compared to MultiView, this FastView mode :

- opens Picture in screen-scaled mode

- allows to navigate between the pictures (in the same drawer) with arrow keys

Thanks to Lionel 'Lio' Muller for the suggestion

- allows the switch scaled-size / full-size by "Space bar" key or menu option

- allows to resize the picture by menu option

- allows to delete or set the picture as wallpaper by menu

Of course, if you choose to replace picture's deficons by FastView new ones, the originals ones will be back-uped.

For more details (for example for how to use eastern with the FastView deficons), please read the ReadMe.txt

Don't hesitate to paypal me a little coin to guillaume at, if you use/appreciate aTunes, FastView, SysMon, NetDock, FastCompress, FlipPaper or AttachMail

FastView on OS4Depot

My thanks to all Amigans who helped me with FastView!

guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel
guillaume at

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