New just made for AROS PC available: The Ares Cube S

Date 24-Oct-2013 21:27:50
Topic: hardware AROS

First the sad news:
The AresOne Mini 1000 and 1600 are no more available.

Now the good news:
ARES m-7 is now the most sold ARES system ever, followed by ARES One 2010.

The difference may be that the AresOne was really bought by Amigans... I believe it is different with the m-7.

The Ares m-7 will be continued as long as possible. It features Firmware updates over Internet (without OS). Boots in seconds (<5). Ubuntu is in 2 seconds up. I didn't test Win8 yet. Measured from pressing the power-button.

In 2014 we will have 3 different platforms:
Ares Cube (S, M, L ) (Intel Celeron, i5, i7)
AresOne (surprise)
Ares m-7(i7) becomes xE2(Xeon E2)

Now the real buyable news:

Find it here:

Some specs:
Intel G1620 dual-core 2.7GHZ CPU
Ethernet supported by AROS
Audio supported by AROS
G210 GPU with 1GB RAM supported by AROS
IcAROS preinstalled, optional other stuff
AMC the Amiga media Center

Money earned is reused in bounties or other AROS related projects (check for Pascal P if you don't trust ; ) )

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