AWR Backup!

Date 20-Jul-2003 10:54:05
Topic: News

Amiga World Radio is now backup and running You need either Winamp for PC or ANR , AMPlifier V2.33 for amiga, Have fun, and happy listening.

Help by Alkemyst.

For those of you who have not yet worked out how to get AMPlifier to autoload from IBrowse2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 when clicking on a radio stream link! here's how its done.

Download Stream-Amplifier.Rexx_v1.2 re-name to Stream-Amplifier.rexx and place it in SYS:S/ overwriting the older version that would of been installed with AMPlifier.

Now start IBrowse and open the Preferences [-]General....MIME Types.
MIME Type: audio / x-scpls
Extensions: pls
Action: External viewer
Viewer: rx
Arguments: Rexx:Stream-Amplifier.rexx %f

Then again.
MIME Type: audio / x-mpegurl
Extensions: m3u
Action: External viewer
Viewer: rx
Arguments: Rexx:Stream-Amplifier.rexx %f

OK and Save Settings. With IBrowse2.1 & 2.2 you will most likely need to quit and re-start IBrowse for the new MIME Types to take effect.

Now with luck when you click a radio stream link with .pls or .m3u extensions IBrowse will load up AMPlflier and pass on the url. This has been tested at

In cases where there is no .pls or .m3u on the end of the url. Example: you will have to open the URL requester in AMPlifier and cut & paste the url in to the requester.

If you have not installed AMPlifier in SYS:Utilities/AMPlifier/AMPlifier then the Stream-Amplifier.Rexx script in SYS:S will need to be edited to point to the path where AMPlifier is located.



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