Project Synergy - a multi-OS App-store - inviting developers

Date 24-Nov-2013 14:36:09
Topic: News

The finishing line is not far away..

I need some feedback for the developer-webinterface.
This is the area where developers can add new programs to the store and edit descriptions, define prices and so on.

Interested developers can now start trying it out and can discuss ideas and also "terms of use".

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The idea is
- to combine all amigans micro markets to one larger market.
- to attract new developers
- to offer free hosting for Amiga/AROS/MOS developers
- to allow me to restart wit Broadway ; ) (
- Attract new users from Linux/OSX (PPC) -> some may not know AROS or MorphOS ore even AmigaOS 4

Ami-coins will be also called IndieCoins. (The same API will be used also for the Sidekick project IndieGO! ). They are 100% equal and interchangeable.

You can use the same user account on all supported systems.

It took a long time but it comes.

Asap we will invite people to test the client application.

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