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Date 28-Nov-2013 19:50:34
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Hi all there ;)

Since Christmas comes soon and after some great discussions these last times, we have added some new products on our webshop.

For example, we have added :
- The great and complete book '101 Jeux Amiga' : for your pleasure, each book will be signed by its author David Taddei (the book is only in french) !

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- The ucoming new Amiga 500 accelerator cards : the ACA500 in pre-order at 80 euros,
- Some new ACA1232 accelerator cards at 25MHz without MMU, 33MHz with MMU and at 40MHz with MMU,
- Some 3.1 rom for Amiga 4000,
- Some Clocks ports for the ACA1232 cards,
- Some SD Floppy emulator HxC in Slim version,
- Some PCI Express x1 Audio Cards for your Sam 460ex motherboards.

Also in exclusivity, we'll receive some High quality mechnaical keyboards Special for Amiga !!.
These keyboards will have some complete replacement sets of keys and we'll receive these complete pack in Qwerty UK and Azerty French with the special Amiga keys directly printed in it, it will NOT be some stickers at all !
We'll get these new products in black and white / beige and it will a great product for all your Classic Amiga (for those who owns the Lyra 2 adaptaters or Subway or Deneb for exemple), your Amiga NG and even the FPGA Clone with an USB / PS/2 adater ;)

We make our best for offering you a large choice of products for all you Classic Amiga, Amiga NG or FPGA Clone !

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and your support in our adventure ;)
Lionel et Laurent
Amedia Computer France

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