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Date 15-Dec-2013 12:01:49
Topic: News

Amiga WARP organization is reactivated from hyper sleep stage !!!!

Current status:
After several meetings in town of Virovitica and discussions about current Amiga situation in Croatia and in general a decision has been made to reactivate WARP. From year 1997 to 2000 WARP organization gathered Amigans from Croatia as a printed Magazine, Web page and in general Amiga organization. The reasons why WARP was put on hold are no longer present and we need Amiga organization to support and gather Amigans from Croatia and all other countries in the area. Unfortunately from original WARP team only one founder is still active at Amiga scene - Dooz . The other founder - RatedRR is not active on Amiga but still support the idea about reactivating WARP organization. In present situation we are in the process of creating new base team from which we will expand our organization to all interested Amigans!

Current Amiga WARP organization members (founders) are:
1. Domagoj Ozanic - Dooz
2. Ivan Teskera - VooDoo

For more you can vist URL : - English version - Croatian version

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