New DJ tool for Classic Amiga due in 2014

Date 23-Dec-2013 1:24:58
Topic: News

Classic and Emulated Amigans:
(That sounds rather strange when put like that)

There's a new DJ style package due for release in 2014, looks really, really exciting. Link here.

For more info, click the "Read More" button.

One of the authors, Akira wrote:

'Basically it’s a Protracker MOD “deck” software, that is, it “simulates” the functionality of a Pioneer CDJ turntable but applies it to modules, and also adds niceties possible thanks to the MOD format (like channel muting).It runs on basically any Amiga with an ECS chipset, that is anything form late A500s trough to the newest 68k based sh#t. Coded in pure assembler by my buddy h0ffman (I’m in charge of UI and testing, we both came up with the concept)It all started here with this discussion (Me pushing the issue and many people saying “that’s impossible”)

We’ve been working on it for a year and I just made a demo of our latest version.'

Says it will be free, I hope this comes out and there's a 'donate' button


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