AEROS for PI beta6 with Linux-FS access and HD-Videoplayback

Date 23-Dec-2013 18:24:51
Topic: News

Today i am uploading AEROS for Pi beta 6.

What is new:
- Latest AROS ARMHF system files with fixed Mounting of Linux drives
I have added Home: and Media: to the AROS workbench.
So you can just access every attached drive from AROS.

Click "Read More" for more information

- Added Pistore (untested)
- Added UAE4all (tested not successfully... needs more love)
- Added a IndieGO!-Marketplace-logo which just opens synaptic-paketmanager in the moment
- Added FrozenBubble2 Icon (game was already present in last version)
- Added File-manager icon which launches PCMANFM (a linux file manager)
- Added OMXPLAYER for HD-Video-Playback (you can buy video-codecs from Pi-store)
- Assigned Videos to OMXPLAYER in Linux File-manager
- Made an AROS ALIAS called omxplayer(Works only on registered version):
Put videos inside video-folder and type "omxplayer nameofvideo.suffix" to start playback
- Updated Linux system (last update 2 days ago)

Registered people please download from secured AREA to get the Version with LX-command which is needed to launch Linux apps from AROS side.

Everyone else can try the free version which has now also full access to Linux-Filesystem and can now be used as replacement for LXDE or similar.

Known Bugs:
Icons on Wanderer are somehow placed in wrong order (on top of each other).

What next?
- Testing and Adding DOPUS5
- Checking possibility to have a ARM-Version of SCALOS
- Fixing Bug which crashes DOOM and yquake

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

- as soon upload is done i will inform you again
For free download check the "public" section on that website.

A video made a few days ago:

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