Fresh port of Odyssey 1.16 for AOS4 !

Date 25-Dec-2013 21:13:16
Topic: software OS4

GRAB IT FROM OS4DEPOT (currently in upload query).

This is port of 1.16 version (with webkit revision from 1.17), sources of which i got from Fab about year ago and those sources are the last one which I have. For get latest sources and all new ones feel free to donate to Fab's bounty to have it done (that will include also opening of long awaited html5 media player).

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You can donate on

At moment 78% done and just about 22% left which is only ~1700$. There is no time lines for AOS4 port after bounty is done (of course), but it should be quite easy after all hard working with mui4 and previous porting done and noted.

What new in this version in compare with v1.9 you can read in changelogs (a lot). There is direct link: bang

Personally I, for myself, found good ability to setup for any URL special settings: For example you have some mailbox on web, which are heavy, and with all that scripts/images/etc. can cause not so fast scrolling on slow machines. So, you setup for your mail url to spoof it as let's say, IE6, and in case with it auto switch you to "lite" mode : faster experience in end.

What need to say in terms of os4 port:

-- MUI4 minimum So you forced to update, sadly for some of you, but yes. MUI4 worth of update even if you don't like my ports.

Don't forget to donate to Thore at tboeckel @ gmx . de, man who works 3 long years to make MUI4 and a bunch of related classes from scratch to OS4. Its because of him even first port happens. Donations will motivate him to fix remaining bugs, and work on it more. If you don't see Thore in the forums a lot, its not that he is not active, its just because he everyday works on mui4 (and yam, and whatever else), so Do it right now !

-- port now uses new dynamic tabs of mui4 without our buggy custom hacked tabs code, this in turn means:
a). as told MUI4 minimum.
b). Because of new dynamic tabs in mui4, os4 port now have: pressable gadgets, look/size/etc of tabs can be designed via mui4 settings as you wish.
c). In our previous custom hacked tabs code there was bugs, now as pure Fab's code in use as intended, you haven't them (you may not have noticed those previous bugs, but they were there).
d). There is some quirks in terms of dynamic tabs, and Thore deal with them at the moment, and all updates will be available later via Amiupdate, so Odyssey tabs will be better and better with each mui4 update. What this means, is that in 98% of all the problems with titles are known.

-- threaded DNS resolver in curl is here at last, so no blocking of GUI any-more. The problem there was everywhere, but if some of you in interest in details then to start with RoadShow have "shared mode" for library bases (and that is pretty good), and it works for almost all the RoadShow api, but not with those DNS based ones like gethosbybame(), gethostbyaddr(), etc. The DNS related code only works for one client at a time, owing to the use of data structures which only exist once, which in turns messed all the requests/answers. But specification and standards also do not says that those DNS related functions should be thread-safe and/or re-entrant, so for example on unixes they come up with gethostbyname_r() and gethostbyaddr_r() replacements, which make use of that threaded DNS resolver works. So, while Olaf come up with some ideas and already fix crashing issue as well as working on implementations of those re-entrant and thread_safe functions, Joerg help me to make threading curl works on public roadshow as well : the solution is to open for each gethostbyname new instance of bsdsocket library (as the static data for non-thread-safe functions like gethostbyname() is different for each ISocket as long as we don't use SBTC_CAN_SHARE_LIBRARY_BASES), and so it works. Sadly that such a simple stuff take years, but that it. At least from that come-up some new add-ons in RoadShow as well as we have all we need right now.

-- you can type in language of your choice. Just be sure you have set in mui prefs font which have your language inside (for example for Russian it should be dejavu which 100% have it), as well as right settings in the Odyssey prefs.

-- no html5 media-player: that one will be opened once Fab's bounty will be done.


q: will it again crashes on some sites ?
a: yes. the better webkit revision the more they fix, the more sites works. In compare with 1.9 in 1.16 there huge difs, but still it possible to found sites which will crash you. That mean only new version of webkit will help (=> new versions of odyssey)

q: why it ask for RANDOM: device at starup ? Why you didn't use RAND() instead ?
a: few years ago webkit guys add new function which used to generate encyption during ssl tranfer etc, and while RAND() may work, its not random enough, and so on unixes they use /dev/random, and on mos/os4 RANDOM: is used. Install it from STORAGE to DEVS (lately that can be default in the os4 itself).

q: why acid3 tests do only 99/100, and not 100/100 ? and failed test is "getSVGDocument missing on element."
a: it was regression in webkit revision used to build this version (i.e. on 1.17 version of odyssey on morphos its the same), that will be auto fixes by newer than our version of odyssey and newer webkit's revision (i.e. in 1.18 version on morphos its already was fixed).

q: will my bug reports taken in account at all ?
a: bugs related to os4 port and bugs in mui4: yes (Thore always fix any bugs). All the suggestions/improvements is up to Fab. Reports like "it crashes on site xxxxxxxx" probably will make no big sense, as it will be auto-fixes by newer webkit, but just in case to collect crashlogs and to see how them all looks like, why not. All bug-reports throw on

q: where i can download all previous versions for os4, if you overwrite one on os4depot by new one ?

In end of all, don't hesitance to donate me for port as well via paypal at kas1e @ yandex . ru. Not that I need your money for port of Fab's work, just it motivate to worry about at all later including all those boring moments on which most of time is spend and which I of course better spend on chiling :) As well as of course do it to Thore because of who mui4 (and odyssey, and muimplayer) even possible, and as says before for Fab's bounty: not only because of opensource his work and to have source of mediaplayer, but because for few years some of us use his browser and his mplayer with gui on os4, and it pretty worth to just say "thanks".

Let's get now some crazy pils ! Oops, I mean Merry Christmas of course :)

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