MiniHollyEdit 2.01

Date 30-Dec-2013 0:22:58
Topic: Software News

MiniHollyEdit to create or modify Hollywood scripts, run and even compile for multiple systems at the same time.

This new version adapts the Hollywood version installed on your system and also each time you start MiniHollyEdit

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Feature Summary MiniHollyEdit 2.01 :

- Publisher Multi- Tab ( ​​AOS / MorphOS )
- 4 visual themes (ISSA / Oxygen / Toons / Monoblue )
- Added a drop down menu that includes all the functions of the editor and keyboard shortcuts
- If you have installed MUIRoyale , MiniHollyEdit adapt the interface to view the controls and guide MUIRoyale
- Listing of user left of the text box Functions:
- Can be sorted ascending / descending ( click on title)
- Automatic refresh when reading a script
- Cooling manual with the button above the list
- 1 -click the user function and the cursor automatically stall this function in the editor
- Top Hollywood orders
- Sort by type of control ( gfx / sfx / etc ... )
- Double -click or drag and drop the control on the editor and the command will be automatically inserted into the text area at the cursor position
- 1 click a command displays a quick help on top of the editor
- Quick Help
- Amiga B button (or click on the icon just before the quick help ) to open the guide control Hollywood handpicked
- Choice when opening a script in a new tab, the select or cancel
- Configuration of the scripts
- Configuration of the compilation scripts
- Quick Access Hollywood guide
- Rapid calculator access (configurable)
- Rapid drawing software access (configurable)
- Rapid music software access (configurable)

MiniHollyEdit 2.01

Be careful : This version can ONLY BE USED if HOLLYWOOD is installed on your system.

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