V.A.M.P. 1.08

Date 25-Jan-2014 16:41:02
Topic: Software News

V.A.M.P. Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player, is one video and sound player, programmmed with Hollywood™ an Amiga™'s cross programming language that makes executables for several operative systems and computers.
The main V.A.M.P. characteristic, is to be available currently to download to four operative systems, it will can to be ported for other systems if there are people interesting in test it and use it.

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Other two interesting characteristics are: Freeware and Portable, V.A.M.P. doesn't need to be installed in your computer, you can to have the player in one USB stick, Pendrive, USB memory, external hard Disk, etc.,
V.A.M.P. only needs to play: video codecs for Windows™, the Hollywood™ plugins, dataypes and libraries for Amiga™.

Available the new version 1.08 with the next improvements:

The player shows the frame number playing for animations.
Fixed the player playing animations.
Fixed some bugs in the box info.
Corrected some text strings of finish translation by Markku Heikkinen.

Available fro AmigaOS3.x(Graphics card need), AmigaOS4, MorphOS, WarpOS to download from:

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