New game: Ace Of Hearts - Casino Poker

Date 26-Jan-2014 21:58:22
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Hi guys, we just published our latest game.

Here's the official web-site.
And here you can grab the demo-version.

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Available for AmigaOS4.1 (hardware compositing), MorphOS, Windows and Android. iOS and OSX versions are still being reviewed.

Here's the game's description:

Ace Of Hearts Casino Poker is a thrilling mixture of slot machine and classic poker game. And all that with a premium casino style.

Try your luck in the comfortable Royal Casino. Or get your kick in one of the other three time-limited game modes. How many virtual dollars can you make in the 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 24 hour challenges? Only the best players make it to the top of the world-wide online rankings!

Place your bet and start the poker-machine. After shuffling the five cards you may chose, which ones to hold. The others are shuffled again, and then you get a last chance to make your choice. After the third and last shuffle it will turn out if your decision was a wise one - or whether all was lost... Do the cards show a typical poker hand? Well done!

Of course this poker-machine also offers risk-games. After the classic risk-ladders not less than four mini-games are waiting for you: Blackjack, Higher/Lower, Three-Card Monte and Roulette...
Multiply and skyrocket your win!
And when your luck is gone for a while, don't worry: the luck-o-meter will probably help you.

This is what you can expect from this game:

- Poker-machine
- premium graphics and matching authentic music and sound-effects.
- 4 game modes (free version: 2 game modes)
- 2 risk-ladders
- 4 mini-games
- 36 achievements
- online highscores
- game statistics
- help for rookies (tutorials, automatic holding of good cards)

What are you waiting for? Try it out!
All in!


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