20 Years of Morgue Soft Ltd. ISO-CD

Date 3-Feb-2014 22:26:16
Topic: Software News

Available to download the ISO-CD with altmost all Morgue Soft's software made during these last 20 years.
Games, Tool, Programs, all for AmigaOS 2.x, Amiga OS3.x, Amiga OS4.x, MorphOS, AROS, WarpOS, Windows, MacOS x86, the Morgue Soft's history in these 20 years with all Amiga classic games and tools.

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FilePoke, AmiKiss, Eye Viewer, Strip Fighter, SirenaPlayer, V.A.M.P., JackPot Series, icons, guides and much more, available here: http://www.morguesoft.eu or to this direct link:

20 Years from Morgue Soft Ltd.

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