New ACA500 Packs now available

Date 11-Feb-2014 13:47:03
Topic: News

Hi everybody,

After receiving some new products, we have put two new packs for the ACA500 accelerator boards for your Amiga 500 / 500+ :
- The Crystal ACA500 Pack including the ACA500 board and its dedicated Transparent Crystal case for 129,90 euros instead of 138,90 euros,

- The Translucent ACA500 Pack including the ACA500 board and its dedicated Translucent Crystal case for 103,90 euros instead of 108,90 euros.

Also, since we have received our stock of complete original Workbench 3.1 floppy disk set, we can now send the ACA500 Crystal Ready to Run Pack and ACA500 Translucent Ready to Run Pack ! (Please click "Read more")

These packs include the ACA500 board for your Amiga 500 / 500+ in its dedicated protection case and a 4GB memory card on which the Workbench 3.1 software is pre-installed and ready to Run (the original floppy disks are included) !

At the end, don't forget our current 'Cupid's Arrow Operation' until 15th February !

Thanks, Lionel and Laurent
Amedia Computer France
N.B. : all prices include French VAT and exclude the shipping costs.

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