AROS Vision 2.3 with full version of Wildfire 7 and Games Master System

Date 11-Feb-2014 13:41:52
Topic: News

I have just uploaded the newest version of AROS Vision. It includes the full version of Wildfire 7 and the newest version of AMOS Pro (bugfixes). Additionally it includes the "Game Master System", a developer kit for programming games.

More information here:

it is now freeware! (Please click "Read more")

More information about Wildfire:

Based on this I have included a extension in AMOS Pro that makes it easy to write games. A small example (opens a AGA screen and loads IFF picture):

G Init Gms
G screen open 0,320,256,256,lowres
G Load IFF "clown.pic",0
G Wait Lmb
G reset

Additionally I have included new software like Netsurf AGA and added mod support (plays by double-click)

It can be downloaded as always from this site (tested on WinUAE and FS-UAE):

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