Next SCCAN meeting - Saturday, March 15

Date 2-Mar-2014 2:24:41
Topic: Events

Happy Spring showers, C= and Ami comrades!

The next meeting of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network is Saturday, March 15, from 2 to 4+ p.m. At

Panera Bread Restaurant
19662 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, California
(818) 407-9400

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Check out photos of January's SCCAN meeting and other previous meetings at

This month I'll be bringing in the Amiga 600 with two megs of Fast RAM, 2 gig hard drive, and OS 3.1. We'll look at prototype 2 of the custom-made C64/128/VIC-20CR/Plus4 power supply from Ray Carlsen. We'll try out some new games for the VIC-20. And last but not least, perhaps beta tester Alex Carmona will bring a Cyrus board (for future NG Amigas) for us to inspect.

As usual, if you have anything to show off, bring it along.

Speaking for SCCAN,
Robert Bernardo
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network

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