Time to math lesson

Date 2-Mar-2014 15:09:33
Topic: software OS4

Today we learn about archimedean's figures.

The 13 Archimedean solids are the convex polyhedra that have a similar arrangement of nonintersecting regular convex polygons of two or more different types arranged in the same way about each vertex with all sides the same length (Cromwell 1997, pp. 91-92). Also exist 2D figures for example Cairo pentagonal....

Everyone sleeping??? No! OK it's my fault. Better play my new game and by the way learn something new!

Perhaps some of you know of an HTML 5 entanglement game, which works well in OWB. I liked this game so I created something similar. I can't compete with gfx from that game but I try do my production with better playability changing and adding different features.

In my game the roads have less density because I have used pentagonal tiles. This should make them easier to see and I also added double road edges to increase the game strategy.

You can download game from here:
Here is screenshot (Click for full size):

Try my game - for only Amiga OS4 - and decide in comments (or donations) if want more different boards, or maybe achievement system in future. Good luck!

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