MiniHollyEdit 2.02

Date 2-Mar-2014 21:32:58
Topic: Software News

Minihollyedit 2.02 is a small editor to easily create scripts Hollywood.

Version 2.02 :

- Correction in helping Hollywood :
The leap to good family control Hollywood is correctly.
The name of the family hold the top of the list.

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- Added a small drop-down menu on the TextEditor.
- Fixed a bug when listing the functions of the script ( Erasing the contents of the clipboard ).
- Fixed bug in using online fast ... all works ( Differentiation and nprint Print in TEXT).
- Added 2 menu when you're on the TextEditor :
When selecting by double-clicking a command in the script.
QH = Quick Help is updated depending on what is selected.
Help command = Direct jump in the Hollywood guide of what is selected.

Correcting and Editing on 05/01/2014 :

- Creation of help MUIRoyale based guide MUIRoyale.
- ABOUT window does not open at start up.
- Spanish translation Templario.
- Checks if Hollywood is installed on your system ( For help and listing commands ).

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