FFmpeg 2.1.4 and FFmpegGUI 3.2 now available

Date 3-Mar-2014 21:39:44
Topic: software OS4

A new version of both FFmpeg and FFmpegGUI is now available for download from OS4Depot.

FFmpeg 2.1.4 mainly provides bugfixes and improvements. It now includes native VP9 and HEVC (H.265) decoders, and some new audio filters.

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FFmpegGUI v3.2 supports FFmpeg v2.1.4 and works with versions 2.0 and up. A few other minor changes have been included as well. See below for a complete list of changes.

Version 3.2
- Modified version checking to recognize ffmpeg v2.0 and greater including v2.1.4.
(Older versions no longer supported!).
- Added "Quit MPlayer" menu item to "Play File" menu. (useful with audio only).
- Added 16:9 aspect size settings: 960x540, 640x360.
- Deleted obsolete size settings: 160x120, 224x176.
- Moved Start Offset (-ss) option back before input file. Faster that way.
- Fixed bug in routine to identify version of MPlayer.

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