Port of Odyssey1.23 to AmigaOS4: Holiday in Cambodia !

Date 17-Mar-2014 22:07:44
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Now, as we all know no one reads the readme and everyone just wants to unpack it and run, so here are couple of fast answers:

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Q: Why does it say on running that I have old mui ?
A: Because you need very latest mui version from http://muidev.de. New mui has new (and necessary) classes for autoform filling (don't forget to enable it in options), as well as have some necessary bug fixes.

Q: Did youtube work right from the beginning ?
A: Youtube is crap: not everything is html5 still. Youtube has different ways to display vids (for one you need scripts , for another one you do not; for some you need to spoof, for others not). So, some vids will work for you
without anything to do from your side, another ones, may not work. For some you need to enable scripts from
Fab (be sure to have latest versions always from: http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/scripts/) , for others you need to disabled them. For some you need to spoof as different OS, for others not. In general spoofing
as iPAD always made any video work (though slower, as rendering window is a bit bigger). I.e. if video didn't work
as you want, try to spoof it as all the other OSes to found better one.

The very good explain and howto from Fab about youtube/odyssey are there:

Q: Why when I come to play some videos, I have "The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback, get the latest one" ?
A: Because on that video youtube wants to use flash, and while on MorphOS the swfdec plugin gets rid of that message, it is still only visual, and in end you need to do the same as on MorphOS: i.e. spoof, or enable/disable scripts, etc.

Q: How fast it ? Qill it works on my A1200 , or Sam440 ?
A: Window mode is quite slow in comparison with all modern browsers on x86. The reason is that for window mode cairo does the
rendering and no hw acceleration is done. So, on Pegasos2 / 1GHz , you can have about 20fps in 240 quality. i.e. A1200, Sam440, and anything like that may be out of question.

NOTE: That the same on MorphOS. For real use they use fullscreen-overlay(!) based playing code, which based on

Q: Why only window mode, why not fullscreen/overlay as on MorphOS so to have youtube vids plays fast ?
A: Because making proper support of fullscreen in odyssey means making use of p96 overlay, and while there are a number of issues like how to just make it all properly, another one is that all RadeonHD's do not have overlay support, which means to support them needs some different kind of code. Implementing of all of this can take a lot of time, so better to have just pure SW rendered window mode, than no have html5 mediaplayer at all. When something will be done in that term, odyssey port will be updated.

Of course, people with 1GHz and more will not have to worry mostly. For a few x1000 betatesters 480 quality are good enough by speed.

Q: Will there new bugs ? How stable is it now ?
A: Of course new bugs will be. How stable it : to be tested by you all.

Q: You say binary will be 55MB of size, but its 63, wtf ?
A: I left specially some debug symbols in, so user's crashlogs will be of good use for me. But if you still
want to have 55MB of size, just go to shell , and do "strip odyssey".

In end, thanks to:

-- to Fab, who make it , open sourced and help us to port it.
-- to Thore, who works on mui4 and update/fix it everyday
-- to Deniil from OnyxSoft who rewrite some necessary parts from mos to os4 in odyssey
-- to Joerg Strohmayer because of who we have proper languages support, threading curl, native mouse pointers and some fixes.
-- to Hans-Joerg Frieden who give me his fresh version of sqlite to use with Odyssey which he use for TW.
-- to all users for their donations/support (its motivate, yep), as well as for bugreports and tests.
-- to everyone who in adequate while still use amigas (i know, its hard to be sane !:) )

Holiday in Cambodia !

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