Voxel Bird released

Date 4-Apr-2014 18:21:25
Topic: Software News

Here's a fresh free game for MorphOS and AmigaOS4 (Warp3D):

Amazing Voxel Bird Saga (Beta)

Similarities to a game called "Flippy Bird" or so are purely coincidental and not intended...
No, really, it's different

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Survive as long as you can while scoring as high as possible while demolishing the voxel-environment.

"Beta", because those builds were tested only on my two development machines so far...

MorphOS users can be happy though since it works well even my antique G4s / Radeon 9000 in highest detail mode.

In contrast to that AmigaOS4 users aren't that lucky...:
It's most noticeably slow and with clipping-errors at the viewport-edges (Sam460ex, Radeon 9200).
Sorry, I cannot do magic, the driver situation is as it is. But maybe 2014 is finally the year when decent 3D comes to AmigaOS4, we are prepared

Please note:
It's beta and if you have technical problems etc. please use the contact mail on our product page since we cannot monitor every forum. Thank you!

Flöppy greetings,

P.S.: yes, it's free.
But if you want to support us, there are donate-buttons on that page or on my own homepage.
And/or consider downloading the Android version

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