New Games From Huno !

Date 10-Apr-2014 2:59:30
Topic: software OS4

During the Amigâteries event which was held in Velliers-Les-Pots in France (near Dijon) last week-end, organized by Club Evolution 4, Huno presented new games for AmigaOS 4.1.

These games are now available !

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Frogatto 1.2.2 can now be played fully on Low Mem Configurations (such as Sam440ep and µAOne). New versions for high end systems are also present. Warp3D or WaZp3d is required.

Zelda Solarus DX and Zelda Solarus XD have been updated to complie with the latest releases. And a new Zelda ROTH Jumper (think about the movie) Edition is also available.

Gish 0.2 has also been ported by Huno and is fully optimized for our systems. It needs the full commercial datas and requires Warp3D.

A new engine from PoufPouf Productions is now available and allows the venue of some nice litlle games : Hocoslamfy (a Flappy Bird clone), Gnu vs zombie rotten Tomatoes (a shoot'em up), Gemgem (a very nice Bejeweled clone) and Titrus (a Tetris clone)

Super Mario War 1.8 is available and contains lots of new characters, maps, musics, sounds and levels.

GPmark is a simple benchmark tool that was 1st devlopped for handheld systems.

Last but not least, two huge First Person Shooter are now available for your powerful systems : Smokin'Guns and Urban Terror will make use of all the power of your G4 or PA6T with a Warp3D supported card. A lot of memory is also required.

All these games are available on Huno's portal site. If you appreciate the Huno's intensive work to bring all these games on AmigaOS 4.1, feel free to donate to him at nouvel.hugues(AT)

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