AEROS Plus for free 24hours long at indieGO!-Marketplace

Date 16-Apr-2014 19:21:23
Topic: Announcement


The server side of our multi-platform AppStore called indieGO!-Marketplace reached a Advanced Point so I used the chance to open a small window to allow you a first glimpse. Don't take it too seriously, our little BBS-style text client. It has the Mailbox Retro Spirit An Updated Version will follow, as well as graphical client.

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The market will become more input soon, but I wait for our multi-platform Package System introducing IGO Containers, taking care of dependencies and more.

The price of AEROS Plus for Raspberry pi will be reduced to 0 indie coins for 24 hours, starting at 9:00 a.m. the 16th of April. This qualifies for Updates as well.

Developers can also register at for information and tools.

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