Amiga Future looking for Copyright Holder

Date 16-Apr-2014 18:35:39
Topic: News

As you all certainly know, on the Amiga Future homepage and cover CD we publish full versions of commercial titles. But even shareware full versions are always included again.

It does not matter whether it is games, applications, drivers, or CDs. We want to get all the commercial titles. In order to do this legally, we always need the permission of their respective owners.

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The biggest problem is to find these owners. The next problem then is to get a contact with the respective rights holders. We ask you therefore for your help.

Do you have contact with any rights-holders of shareware or commercial software? Do you know any personally or did you have contact recently with someone?

If so, then write us an email:

We're also looking for someone who can help us to get in contact with some Italian, French, and American companies. Ideally one who comes from one of these countries and possibly can make a call.

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