Odyssey Web Browser 1.24 released for MOS

Date 17-Apr-2014 20:54:23
Topic: software MorphOS

As reported by Zylesea in this thread here.

Odyssey Web Browser 1.24 released for MOS

Fab just did it again and released a new version of Odyssey. V 1.24 is out now.

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Updated to WebKit r161078 (January 2014)
Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1g (which improves the SSL test at http://howsmyssl.com )
Compiled with GCC 4.7.3, since WebKit now relies strongly on C++11 features
Fixed an issue with large file support in CURL (fixes mail.one settings validation, for instance)
Enabled WebP support again, it seems it had been disabled at some point
Enabled RequestAnimationFrame HTML5 feature
Added support for HTML5 "download" link attribute
Convert suggested download filenames to local charset
Adjusted Expect: 100 header handling (fixes easy-jet flight selection, for instance)
Fixed CSS animation support (i.e. morphos.net flying powerbook)

Download: http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/owb-morphos-1.24.lha

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