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Date 13-May-2014 16:54:52
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you know that we are working on an Appstore for all Amigans but also other platforms to offer a unified target for indie-developers.

See AMIGWORLD NEWS Post about the Amiga Client

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With the igo-packages we have a concept to let create developers platform independent packages to be used on our target devices and operating system.

This way I hope to get new life into our niche.
Whatever we need you help to speed things a little bit up.
I can afford to pay further development which also includes graphic design and maybe a not so confusing website : D (yeah I listen to you!)

Problem is that i am already doing a secondary job which keeps me busy.. long story short:

With the main goal of as little as 800 you can help me to finalize it and give it a bit more polishing so we can have a nice start in June. Prior to that we will share the working alpha and beta clients with donors.

To offer you a nice gift back I have extended the project description to include AEROS as well.

This means that you can now make AEROS Plus (the version which allows to execute Linux apps and commands from AROS shell) available for many more platforms and for free for all mankind. And for all updates.

Following targets are named:
SAM440/460, X1000 (need support here), PowerPC Macs G3,G4,G5 (focused on Morphos compatible devices), ODROID U3, Cubieboard, Efika MX53.
And as final move creating a debian deb-package(all targets) and integration into NOOBS system for Raspberry PI

We are talking about AEROS r4 which will bring better AROS68K integration (a coherence mode is only available on i386).
PPC and ARM will include AROS68k as well but they will only work in fullscreen.

Since Michal Schulz agreed to work on a new ALSA driver to replace the older OSS-driver it means that all targets will have sound support for AROS applications as well.
OSS is a outdated sound system which is not compatible to newer ARM devices (or less compatible). I reserved a gift to him (Pocketmoney).

Since I loose a bit possible income by sales I thought that following scheme is fair:
0-800 is used for INDIEGO! Covering last bills to pay.
Up to 1500 money is used to cover work on porting AEROS and enhancement jobs for this tasks covered by AROS devs. (I decide this).
From above 1500 50% go straight in AROS fund. Above 3000 (final goal) 75% will go to AROS fund.

Let me now if you think it is fair.

What is AEROS?
AEROS is a hybrid-distibution based on Linux (for now: debian) and AROS hosted.
It has no linux desktop included. The system boots into Wanderer (the AROS Workbench replacement). You can use the same i386 Linux binaries as a native AROS system. There is no difference.
But on top you can use Linux applications.
The big improvement over a native AROS distribution is that it works on any PC.
Well we are talking about r4 which will work on any PC. Oh and it will work from USB-Stick (persistence, so you can store documents).

This image shows Wanderer(AROS i386), AmigaAMP(AROS68k), ArtEffect(AROS68k) next to Linux shell and tint2 (linux task bar)

Back to INDIEGO!-OS... it is just a FrontEND on top of Linux so it will be part of AEROS anyway or vide versa.. log out/login to swith between them. From AEROS you can run the AROS or Linux client anyway : )

Oh important:
Here is the INDIEGO!/AEROS-Project on : D
The chance of your life at

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