Fractured Fractals Batman! (SketchBlock 2.6 Released)

Date 21-May-2014 20:29:59
Topic: News

I've now updated SketchBlock to version 2.6.

This fixes a critical bug (due to leaving some test code in the previous versions that only activates when a certain system component reaches a certain version, whoops perils of beta testing !).

It also adds a few small feature request like Copy Selection and setting the colours of new projects and layers in the same way, some other small features like double and halve buttons in the scale and resize layers / project requesters.

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As abit of fun I've also added a Julia set generator, only accessable via arexx for this version but a small example script is included. SketchPath:Rexx/julia.rexx

This clears the decks for the stage in SketchBlock's evolution with the start of work on SketchBlock 3.

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