Preorder for the new 4MB PCMCIA SRAM cards

Date 26-May-2014 7:05:25
Topic: hardware Classic

I'm proud to announce preorder for the new 4MB PCMCIA SRAM cards for Amiga 600/1200.

The product has following features:
- Adds 4MB of Fast RAM to Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200
- Accelerates unexpanded Amiga 1200 to 1.67 MIPS (according to SysInfo)

For more features and info, click the "Read More" button ---------->

- Built using modern, high performance 55ns SRAM ICs
- Very simple installation - just insert the card into PCMCIA slot on the left side of Amiga
- Compatible with all PCMCIA friendly accelerators and memory expansions
- Open source design
- Made by Amigans for Amigans!

The card can now be preordered at RetroAmi shop.

The price is around 50 EUR, cards will be delivered to users in late August 2014.

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