Amedia Computer 1st Anniversary

Date 28-May-2014 13:48:59
Topic: Hardware News

Hy Everybody ;)

As some of you may have noticed, Amedia Computer has opened its door and its webshop more than one year ago now !

For this first anniversary, our team propose a direct discount of 4% on our webshop (automatically calculated, except from the promotionnal packs) until the 21st of june 2014 !

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We also have added some new products :
- Automatic external Joystick / Mouse Switch : for playing on your Classic Amiga with two joysticks without disconnecting the mouse,
- Internal Automatic Joystick / Mouse Switch for Amiga 1200 : for playing with two joystick on your Amiga 1200 without disconnecting the mouse and also adds one USB and one PS/2 port,
N.B. : a handmade cable can allow using it with other Classic Amiga (not included),
- USB / DB9 Mouse Adapter : for connecting any USB or PS/2 mouse on your Classic Amiga (USB / PS/2 adapter non included),
- 2 x DB9 ports adapter on USB port : for connecting two Amiga / Atari DB9 joysticks on your PC or Mac with MorphOS (plug and play on pc, no drivers needed, only one port is usable on Mac with MorphOS).

Also, after many discussions with many people, Amedia Computer has concluded a new partnership with a serious subcontractor in order to propose some Amiga repair services like :
- Capacitors replacement on your Classic Amiga in order to increase its lifetime,
- Diagnostic of your faulty Amiga and accelerator boards,
- 'Retrobright' Cleaning from the shell and keyboards of your Classic Amiga,
- Cleaning of the motherboards which has been damages by capacitor's drips,
- 1 / 2MB Hack on Amiga 500 / 500+ : according to the motherboard revision, this hack is not possible on all motherboards,
- Handmade cables according to your needs.
The main purpose of this new services is getting a serious monitoring of your reparations with an official company !

Our partner has some good skills in Classic Amiga reparation (he has yet done many of them), we trust him with no problem for ensuring a serious work with quality ;)
The prices are from 35 to 50 euros (capacitors included for the first service for example, shipping costs and new products required or the customer not included).
The advantage of this new partnership is having an official company at your service and a serious technician too !
Also, when sending your products to our shop, you can ask us to test some new product on it before buying it and get a confirmation of its compatibility on your hardware :)
N.B. : the operation's delay can be from 4 to 15 days (or sometimes more, but we will warn people if that is the case).

At the end, in order to ease some reparations, Amedia Computer propose you a 'Direct Discount' of each 10 euros usable on any products on our webshop for each Amiga motherboard(from the 1000 to the 4000, functional or not) or each accelerator card.
We just ask for a not broken hardware please.

We still thank you for all your support since the beginning of our company's adventure and we do our best for proposing quality products and services ;)

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