A-EON Technology Acquires Amiga.org

Date 12-Jun-2014 17:43:17
Topic: Announcement

A-EON Techology Ltd is pleased to announce that is the new custodian of Amiga.org, the world's oldest and longest running English language Amiga community web forum.

A-EON acquired from the previous custodian, Bill Panagouleas of DiscreetFX, in an agreement which saw the transfer of the website and contents, the domain name together with all of the brands and rights including the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A-EON would like to thank Bill for his stewardship of Amiga.org over the past few years. Matthew Leaman, A-EON Managing Director, said of the purchase, "our acquistion of is part of our long term strategy to help support and expand the Amiga community. We are really excited by this development".

Outgoing custodian Bill Panagouleas added, "I enjoyed my experience and am pleased to place the stewardship in the excellent hands of true Amiga enthusiasts. Amiga.org is safe and secure with A-EON Technology Limited." Trevor Dickinson, A-EONís co-founder also commented, "speaking as an Amiga enthusiast, I am extremely proud to be associated with this great piece of Amiga history. Amiga.org is oldest Amiga web portal, serving the Amiga community since 1994. This year marks the 20th anniversary of its founding and with the help of the Amiga community, whether it be Classic, Next-Generation, Emulation or new Retro hardware we hope to make an essential resource for all Amiga related news and information. Hereís to the next 20 years!"

Full Press Release: A-EON.BIZ

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