AmiKit Real 1.0

Date 13-Jun-2014 4:40:02
Topic: News

Real AmiKit v1.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of new full and update installers of Real AmiKit!

Free download avaĦlable at [url][/url]

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Now including new programs like Riva or ToolsDaemon for Workbench, new FullPalette preferences (so now if you use sixteen colors your Ken's drawers aren't grey anymore), six new themes, more wallpapers, a drawer full of working radio Streams that you can use for example with AmiNetRadio, new options for MorpheuZ so you can use a faster Dock Bar for Workbench or Scalos without CPU meter, some more mods added, new boot sounds by DJNick and many small details changed on backdrops or images used on Workbench2000, on the TinyMeter Menu bar or with the icons used with the Start Menus.

Many thanks to Thomas for his great help with the installer, updates of his programs, etc, PeterK for his FullPalette preferences and support, James for his tips to improve it all, Stephen Fellner for Riva, Bernd for his help with AfAOS, DJNick for the booting sounds and to all the betatesters that have given support trying it.

The update installer will also update the Mattahan's Icons Set for those that are using it.

Have fun!

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