New products at Amedia Computer

Date 14-Jun-2014 15:52:41
Topic: Hardware News

Amedia Computer Webshop is pleased to announce the availability of some new products in their Online store.

Don't forget our promotion until the 21st of june giving you 4% of direct discount on our webshop ;)

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Hi Everybody,

However we get some strong heat here in East of France, Amedia Computer team is happy to put some new products on his webshop, which are :

- PSX 1/2 pad / DB9 adapter : for connecting your Playstation 1 or 2 gamepads on your Classic Amiga,
- New CD32 GamePad in DB9 : finally a new gamepad for your CD32 console and Amiga Classic compatible !
- Rechargeable wireless optical mouse for Classic Amiga : directly connected on your DB9 port of your favorite Amiga for more liberty !

Thanks to all of you for your support and your encouragements ;)
Amedia Computer Team

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