Big Summer Promotion at Amedia Computer

Date 19-Jun-2014 13:45:14
Topic: News

Hi Everybody,

Summer is coming quickly now and in order to ease the access to our Amiga products, Amedia Computer has exceptionnaly decided to make a big promotion until the 30th of June !

Since we have received some new products and in order that even those on the tightest of budgets can profit of all our products, we propose from the 20th of June a big discount of 10% on all our web-shop catalog (except from full promotional packs) !

This discount will be automatically calculated when you make your order !


For example, you'll be able to get the Rechargeable wireless optical DB9 mouse for Clasic Amiga at 34,11 euros instead of 37,90 euros or the PSX 1/2 Pad / DB9adapter at 25,11 euros instead of 27,90 euros or also the ACA500 accelerator boards at 80,10 euros instead of 89 euros !

Don't hesitate and treat yourself some very good products at low prices for the summer !

Thanks to all for your support !
Amedia Computer Team

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