AEROS for ODROID U2 and U3 beta 1 available

Date 22-Jun-2014 18:56:20
Topic: News

AEROS Plus is now also availble for Odroid U2/U3.

Until wednesday it willl be available for 0 indieCoins.
After that time it will cost 700indieCoins or respectively
105000AGA (amigacoins). (700indiecoins are equal to 7 )

A free release will follow next weekend.

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To "purchase" it you will need the indieGO-Appstore client available here:

Until now you need to create a user account here:
registering page

Where is the difference between the Pi Version? Well power : )
Wazp3D cow demo gets 800- 1200frames here while on Pi it is somewhere in the 250 Frames region.

E-UAE runs beautifully but needs original roms.
I need to ask for help from the author of P-UAE or UAE4all to get AROS68k working.

How to get it with the text-client:
It is up appID 88 (platform Odroid U2/U3)

How to: (register at the link mentioned above)
1. Download the text client for your os
2. Run it and type LIN (for login)
3. type pap (for purchase application)
4. Type 88 (appID for AEROS FOR ODROID)
5. DAP (for download with resuming)
6. Enter again 88 (appID)

A video:
AEROS for U3 vs Pi

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