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Date 27-Jun-2014 13:52:38
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The brand new Amiga Forever 2014 Premium Edition is now in stock and available at


It is supplied on 3x DVD discs with the latest Amiga Forever, AmiKit, AmigaSYS, Amiga Games Pack and Amiga Scene Demo pack as well as two DVDs (5 hours) of historic videos from the Amiga's past including Launch of Amiga (1985), Inside Commodore (1988), Jay Miner Speech (1989), Jay Miner Interview (1990), History of the Amiga (1992), The Deathbed Vigil (1994), Dave Haynie Interview (2001)

New for the 2014 edition, a new version of Personal Paint (PPaint) is included (v7.2) !

Amiga Forever is compatible with Windows XP through to Windows 7 and 8

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New features in Amiga Forever 2014:

- All Windows versions now come with a Windows Installer download (no need to burn or mount an ISO image to access the installer, or to wait for postal delivery).
- New Build Image feature (Tools menu of Plus Edition), to create personalized ISO images (burn to CD or DVD) and portable environments (e.g. to run from USB storage). This is similar to the "old" Amiga Forever media, except that the content can now be updated and customized.
- Support for third-party "RP-Image" templates, to generate bootable content, etc. Documentation is available.
- New Restore System Files feature (Tools menu) to reset shared components (Amiga ROM and OS files, system RP9s, etc.)
- New RP9 thumbnail provider for Windows is pure eye candy. This accompanies new and faster Open, Edit and Convert to RP9 commands accessible directly from File Explorer, to offer a better content experience outside the player.
- Set personal rating for any title (not just cataloged ones)
- New visual Screen Clip Editor, for easy adjustment of Amiga screen mode settings.
- WinFellow is now available as an additional RetroPlatform-enabled emulation plugin. You can click any compatible title and select "Play with/WinFellow", or select plugin priority and additional options in the Amiga Forever Emulation settings.
- Brand new Personal Paint 7.2 preinstalled in Workbench 3.X environment
- Updated AROS and other content.
- Enhanced RP9 Editor, with new media mount options and dozens of new features.
- Integration with social networks for "Now Playing" updates, manual posts and screenshot uploads

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