SoundBankster for MorphOS 3.6

Date 28-Jun-2014 5:39:03
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SoundBankster, an audio mixing application for DJ enthusiast is available for
immediate download "", "SoundBankster for MorphOS".

SoundBankster takes advantage of many native and exclusive components of the
operating system like the new HID sensors API provided with the 3.6 release of

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The HID sensors API allows many USB devices like DJ decks to directly drive the application. An internal event mapping editor is provided for easy wiring of the DJ deck controller to the user interface components of SoundBankster.

Another native and exclusive MorphOS component, Reggae is used to load and play audio. Its efficient design allows stutterless playback even under the worst load conditions. With a short 20 ms audio buffer and events flowing from Sensors API every 15ms, all audio effects are applied realtime with absolutely no lag.

Dual audio output is also possible via AHI units allowing headphone monitoring. This feature is only available for system with two audio outputs.

TinyGL, another native MorphOS components is used for the audio waveform rendering. If the system doesn't support 3D or lacks the resources needed, an optimised software fallback is provided.

SoundBankster needs nice chunk of available RAM to work. It is advised to run SoundBankster with system equiped with at least 512MB ram.

SoundBankster features:

Support for the new HID Sensors API of MorphOS 3.6
Waveform rendering with TinyGL
Reggae support for decoding and rendering audio
Memory playback for stutterless audio rendering
20ms audio buffer for realtime effects
Beat detection algorithm
Accurate track pitch
Playlist import/export with ranking and BPM databases
Unlimited recording in WAVE format
Heavily threaded for non blocking user interface
Supports dual audio output via AHI units
MUI interface
All this in a packed 100KB executable and a lot more...

SoundBankster is the fruit of many years of research and development and is freely available for use under the "" BY-NC-ND/4.0 International
Creative Common licence

Long Forbid/Permit excluded.
Some USB device needs dedicated driver for best use.

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