AmigaOS beach-boingball available

Date 7-Jul-2014 11:16:58
Topic: Announcement

We are proud as a licensed distributor to offer you the new exclusive AmigaOS beach-boingball.

AmigaOS beach-boingball is a red and white chequered beachball with approximately 28cm diameter.
During conception we tried to ensure that the number of segments and the used colours come as close as possible to the original.
The beach-boingballs are made out of durable PVC to ensure a long life even in heavy use.

- ca. 28cm diameter
- Durable PVC
- 72 red and white checkered segments in total

8,95 Price incl. 19% VAT

The AmigaOS beach-boingball is now available at our online shop. If you are interested as a dealer please contact us at here.

We are looking forward to your order!

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