PictureAlbum r1 released for AmigaOS4 & AROS

Date 15-Jul-2014 21:46:34
Topic: Software News

PictureAlbum is a picture browser/organiser that works differently to anything else I've seen - I find it to be much easier & quicker to use. It's hard to describe briefly, so just try it out or look at a screenshot.

It has executables for Amiga OS4 & AROS. While it has all the basic features that I consider "essential", there is certainly a lot more that could be added if I found the time...

There is also a MorphOS executable, but for some reason saved thumbnails tend to appear corrupted, so it isn't usable at the moment. I have no idea how to fix this problem, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You can download PictureAlbum from Aminet & OS4Depot.

Recent changes
* First release which isn't a 'preview' (although little has changed).
* Greatly reduced video memory usage on AmigaOS4, thanks to a PortablE bug fix.


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