hw4cubic 5.3 now available

Date 19-Jul-2014 6:41:38
Topic: Software News

Michael "Clyde Radcliffe" Jurisch's Hollywood add-on for Cubic IDE has been updated to support the full Hollywood 5.3 command set now. Furthermore, there have been some bug fixes and optimizations. The hw4cubic plugin allows you to use Cubic IDE as an IDE for Hollywood. The complete Hollywood command set is imported into Cubic IDE so you'll get syntax highlighting, quick command information, hotkey links to the documentation for the command under cursor, function list, direct access to the compiler, auto complete and 'intellisense' functionality plus much more. (Please click 'Read more')

In addition, a Hollywood 5.3 wordfile for the popular Windows text editor UltraEdit is now also available for download on the official Hollywood portal. This wordfile allows you to conveniently edit Hollywood scripts on Windows using UltraEdit.

All downloads are available from the official Hollywood portal.

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