ARES Computer Hardware-leasing (at first only for germans), loans for others

Date 22-Jul-2014 19:35:02
Topic: News


i started a rent-a-AROS machine program at my shop. I will work together with other dealers to offer more stuff soon.

At first there is a Raspberry Pi bundle, followed by Odroid U3 bundle and AmiQube.

As soon SAM460 is available I will offer that as well. I386 Hardware follows as soon AEROS r4 is ready.

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User from following countries can ask for a loan in case they buy a Amiga related product as well:

The amiga related product can be bought form other dealers as well.

In the same matter I would like to offer loans for commercial projects as well in case you plan something big. Just ask.

Short leasing description (german):

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