Tales of Gorluth at Amedia Computer

Date 24-Jul-2014 18:36:22
Topic: Hardware News

With the hot Summer, Amedia Computer's Team is happy to propose to all of you a direct discount of 5% on all our products (except from the promotional packs).

This discount will be automatically calculated when you make your order !

In addition of that, we'll receive soon the new Beach 'Boing Ball' in order to keep a part of the Amiga with you at the beach !

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Also, we have received the CD of the new Amiga game : 'Tales of Gorluth' !
N.B. : only english and german version are included on the CD.

At the end, since our friend Loriano has finalized his project of New mecanical USB keyboard, we can propose it right now !
N.B. : since these wonderful keyboards are assembled on demand, it takes between 8 to 15 days for receiving it.

Don't hesitate and treat yourself some very good products at low prices for this summer !

Thanks to all for your support !
Amedia Computer Team
N.B. : english flag is on the uppper right corner of the site !

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