Support our developers 2014 # 1

Date 27-Aug-2014 23:48:27
Topic: Announcement

Hello everyone,

I have launched a bounty to thank the developers of MorphOS non-commercial software still active to this day.

The bounty will end August 31th, 2014 and will be shared equally between the developers listed below (*):

- Fab (MPlayer, MAME, ScummVM, etc ...)
- Yomgui (Blender, Gribouillis, etc ...)
- Offset (ACE)
- Carsten Siegner (Scriba, Spreedy, InstantZip, InstantUnpack, etc ...)
- NaTmeg (rhLaunch, etc ...)
- Thomas Igracki (gTranslator, yWeather, CRABUM, etc ...
- Templario (Los Chinos, VAMP, etc ...)
- BSzili (OpenJK, SpeedDream etc ...)
- Geit (Grunch, SimpleCat, MagicBeacon, etc ...)
- Tcheko (SoundBankster, HotBorder, HotCorner, etc. ..)
- Realstar (GenesisPlus, etc ...)
- Widelec (kwakwa, jabber.module, etc ...)
- James Jacobs (AmiArcadia, ReportPlus, WormWars, etc ...)
- Achim Kern (PengoBrain, Klix, Operation Sirius, etc...)
- Marian Guc (MomosIRC, PciTool, etc...)
- OnyxSoft (SnapIt, ZoomIt, etc...)
- Stefkos (OpenXCom, Pingus, etc...)
- Stefan Haubental (PotRace, jzIntv, Oricutron, etc...)
- Leif Salomonsson (IceFileSystem)
- Balrog Software (UAE4All, Anaglyph 3D, etc...)
- Krashan (Zormanita, U1Synth, Sudominator, etc...)

Don't hesitate to let me know of omissions, I will update the list as soon as possible.

The goal of this project is that all MorphOS users mobilize and show they are ready to make a small gesture to support and thank the few developers that we still have on an environment that has nothing to envy to others.

This project will be repeated at the end of the year if the bounty is proportional to the quantity and quality of their work.

You can send your donations via PayPal button available in the box "Bounty for dev" on the right of the site

Let us mobilize !!!

(*) The developers mentioned above that don't have a Paypal account and who agrees to receive this donation must make themselves known by sending an email to the address before Sunday, September 7, 2014 to receive their part of the bounty. If one or more developers are not manifested before that date, the amount of the bounty will be distributed among the other developers.

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