AEROS 3.9 i386 available now

Date 3-Aug-2014 13:51:20
Topic: software AROS

AEROS 3.9.0a "persistence is futile" can now be downloaded from the indieGO app store.

Click on enter the matrix to create an account (then wait for a activation email)

Clients can be downloaded from there as well.

Windows users can try an early graphical indieGO! client as well. A video showing it on a modern PC with an AMD GPU and on a Pentium M with intel915 mini PC will follow.

A video showing it on 2 different PC's:
1x pentium dual g2020 with ATI HD7770
1x pentium M 1,5GHZ and intel915

Known problems:
Backingstore inactive on EEEPC 701 ... this is for now the 0.01% where it doesn't work correct

Unlike r3.5 it should work an any PC.

Changelog for 3.9.0a "persistence is futile":
  • Switched to knoppix (a debian based distribution focused on live-mode)
  • Removed old aros vision files, no new yet included (waiting for the light version)
  • Fixed fs-uae icon, didn't work before
  • Replaced Openoffice by libreoffice
  • Updated gimp
  • Browser is now iceweasel, feel free to install anotherone

A lot icons are dead end because the linux apps are not all on par with 3.5, if you reinstall the apps using apt-get or synaptic, the icons will work again.

It includes drivers for Intel, AMD and NVidia gpu's.
Some drivers are working better than others. Some will have compiz fx, some not.

It is meant to be used from USB stick and allows saving files and settings.

I will provide update packages, so you don't need to download the whole thing again, unless something under the hood changes.

Aros files are still the old ones, the "a" prefix to the numbers indicates that there will be a new version made in a not too distant future.

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