indieGO! App Store beta release and AEROS 3.9

Date 3-Aug-2014 10:42:21
Topic: software AROS

AEROS 3.9.0a "persistence is futile" can now be downloaded from indieGO app store.

Please scroll down and make sure to download the "graphical client".
Registering is now possible from within the client. (Red register button on bottom left)

A video showing it on a modern PC with AMD GPU and on a Pentium M with intel915 mini PC can be found here.

Known problems:

Backingstore inactive on EEEPC 701 ... this is for now the 0.01% where it doesn't work correct : )

Unlike r3.5 it should work an any PC.

Changelog for 3.9.0a "persistence is futile":
  • Switched to knoppix (a debian based distro focused on live-mode)
  • Removed old aros vision files, no new yet included (waiting for the light version)
  • Fixed fs-uae icon, didn't work before
  • Replaced Openoffice by libreoffice
  • Updated gimp
  • Browser is now iceweasel but feel free to install another one

A lot of icons dead end because the linux apps are not all on par with 3.5. If you re-install the apps using apt-get or synaptic, the icons will work again.

It includes drivers for Intel, AMD and NVidia gpu's.
Some work better than others. Some will have compiz fx, some not.

Happy testing : )

A few question have been answered here for OSX:

and morphOS:

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