indieGO! App Store 2nd beta release and AmiCloud

Date 7-Sep-2014 21:06:29
Topic: software AROS

Here we go with a new client which fulfills latest changes in european customer protection and has now a working search function:

indieGO!-Appstore for AROS i386

indieGO!-Appstore for Windows

indieGO!-Appstore for MorphOS

Hint for users of slower machines:
Please edit /prefs/global.config in a text editor to reduce the window to enhance performance

open the global.config with TextEditor and change under "Resolution section" the width and height values to something smaller than 0.85 or as shown below to 0.5

[SECTION] = resolution
[SFL]width = 0.5
[SFL]height = 0.5

indieGO!-Appstore for AmigaOS 4.x

See hint about performance for the MorphOS-Version

indieGO!-Appstore for AmigaOS 3.x /AROS68k

indieGO!-Appstore for MacOS X PPC

indieGO!-Appstore for MacOS X x86

For OSX 10.8 user:
You need to launch first DLM (only once for first run). Than do a right click on App Store and choose "open".

This is needed to be done only once and is caused by Gatekeeper.

indieGO!-Appstore for Linux PPC (32bit)

indieGO!-Appstore for Linux i386 (32bit)

The AppStore is themeable and so it can be adapted to Icaros desktop and or AROS Vision if desired.

We will take care about design after we finished all other things.

Developers can already start using it but we will roll out a new developer-interface soon. Based on that we will make a video tutorial and a short guide.

It will look like this:

Meanwhile we have finished the server side for AmiCloud and will release a first client in a couple of weeks.

The Cloud will make use of the indieGO-ID to verify that the user purchased the client. This will be a test run of our copy protection and this will be used for future releases of AMC as well. This system can be used by other developers in their own apps.

We have also the news-system ready which will be used in:
1. Appstore to announce new releases or other things
2. In a newscast /system noticification app for AROS

The indieGO-Client will be updated step by step to reflect this.
3rd party clients are possible as well. Maybe someone like to do a Zune or MUI one.

There is more to come, step by step.

One important thing is the igo package system which will be introduced as soon all basic functions of the client are ready.
A preview and definition is available for interested developers.

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