Ryś USB adapter

Date 3-Oct-2014 16:41:06
Topic: hardware Classic

Our product has been created as an easy and affordable way to connect USB HID devices to Amiga computers. It is based upon 16-bit Microchip microcontroller.

Ryś comes equipped with an internal USB stack which facilitates support for HID devices (like mouse, joystick or pad) without the need for providing additional Amiga OS software drivers. Typical installation procedure comes down to plugging Ryś into appropriate port of the Amiga (mouse or joystick port) and it all just works from then on!

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Ryś supports something truly unique among available mouse adapters: ‘Bootloader’ mode, which allows activities like performing software updates. Ryś’s additional feature is its handling of not only mice (like the case with other adapters lacking internal USB stack), but also USB joysticks and USB pads.

These are the qualities of Ryś:
- support for both USB HID and USB-PS/2 mice,
- support for USB HID joysticks,
- support for USB HID pads,
- compatible with every Amiga (although some models may require additional adapters)

More information is available at retro.7-bit.pl

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