Jack for AmigaOS Update 4.6 Now Available

Date 11-Oct-2014 23:12:55
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Hello fellow Amigans,

And so its been a long time coming, what with starting a new job and not finding the time in front of my favourite OS, but I am pleased to finally announce the 4.6 release of Jack for AmigaOS.

Jack - the must have multi-purpose utility for Workbench

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Fully-integrated AppStore with complete Download, Install, Comment and Review
Send Donations to your favourite software developer
Enhanced File Manager
Screen Grab with Crop
Knowledge Base
AmigaOS Preferences Manager
Quick Access to your favourite devices
Push4Dock Support
and much more...

What is Jack?: http://jackforamigaos.wordpress.com

Changes Since 4.5:

* AppStore Bundles tab - this has been re-factored. Replaced the previous
layout with a listview - this will allow the interface to re-size better.
I found this after changing to a monitor with a lower 4:3 resolution, the store
window simply refused to open.

MUI Royale 1.1 update, change list:

* Promote to Screen: All child windows will now correctly follow the main
dashboard to the selected screen.

* Execute Command menu item: Pressing Enter on Keyboard will Advance focus to
next gadget in Window.

* Column sorting implemented as per imposed HW algorithm which is very basic

MUI Royale 1.2 update, change list:

* Introduction of Icon Tabs

* Introduction of sortable columns on listviews, works on almost all listviews

* Quiet refresh enabled during listview column sort, leads to smarter/quicker
sort and refresh

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