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Date 12-Oct-2014 4:27:10
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The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club Announces Amiwest 2014 website. This 17th annual event takes place October 24th thru the 26th at the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA.

Admission is FREE for the 3 day event. Come see the newest Amigas now available along with demonstrations of the newest Amiga Operating systems. Amiga emulators for your PC or MAC are also being exhibited. And we will have a large collection of the original Amiga systems for your reminiscing. The event will be broadcast via the internet as well, check out the broadcast page for details. For special Hotel rates and more information hotel page

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Friday, October 24th at 5 PM is Fix-Your-Amiga day (a.k.a. the Classic Clinic) where one can bring any of your Amigas and we can do FREE basic maintenance. We will have special diagnostic gear this year. If you have a dead Amiga, bring it. If we can't get it running, there is always the swap meet on Sunday. If your coming send a note to or Twitter amigadan@amiwest with your request.

Saturday at 10 AM the show floor opens. This year we are expecting over 10 exhibitors with several who will be attending for the first time:

*SACC - The Sacramento User Group who hosts AmiWest
*Hyperion Entertainment - producers of AmigaOS 4
*A-Eon - Makers of the X line of Amiga’s, including the new X5000 and will have some new software announcements
*AmigaKit -Renowned Amiga Shop and long time AmiWest supporter. Come see many new devices for this including a new sound card for classics and a custom designed Joy Stick
*Intuitionbase - See the latest generation of AmigaOS 4 applications
*Infocessories - The new Amiga REBOL community
*Epsilon - New for 2014! From Adelaide, Australia, will be showing the latest MorphOS and AROS systems
*AmigaDave - Demonstrating MorphOS and classic systems
*Jim Drew - New for 2014! Maker of the famous Emplant Board will be showing the FPGA Arcade system and a Floppy archiving device

During the show will we also feature seminars to explore the Amiga Universe in more depth. A schedule will be posted before the show starts but expect the 2104 games review and presentations by Hyperion and A-Eon on New products and developments.

Saturday evening is the AmiWest Banquet. We are proud to announce that our speaker will be Andy Broad. Andy is an accomplished Amiga developer and musician. His latest work, SketchBlock, is an excellent ground up designed drawing program with a rich feature set. Andy is going to treat the banquet guests with his story around using the Amiga in its different forms to backup his music career and he will interject a little of that music into the proceedings. Should be a unique event. Banquet tickets are $25 and you can register here. After registering an invoice will be sent to the email address you provided.

Sunday will see our first swap meet. The idea is to provide an official way for users to meet other users and exchange or sell their extra Amiga related items knowing they will go to a good home. The meet will start at 9 AM and there will be tables for people to come and setup their items. Should be an excellent opportunity to meet other Amigan's at the show and pick up those rare or hard to find items that everyone is careful to part with. Should be a good time all around.

Another amazing feature of the AmiWest show is the programming seminar. The programming days will start with a Thursday morning presentation by Mr. Steven Solie, the AmigaOS development team leader, on the status of the AmigaOS, the SDK and AmigaOS API. For beginners, we will continue on with a group discussion on the coding process. We will touch on how to organize a coding project, how to break a project into manageable pieces, how to get help and how to debug one's work. We'll wrap up our discussion with a review of possible programming projects. The goal is to pick projects to work on in small teams or individually over the following days.

AmiWest is a unique event on the Amiga Community. It is a forum to come and see the latest developments, talk to the developers, and users of those systems. The organizers work hard to make sure that the Amiga is shown in all its glory, AmigaOS 3 and 4 are well represented, several exhibitors will be on hand to show MorphOS and AROS as well. We will have FPGA based and PC software based emulators running too. Another new feature this year is the AmiVerse where attendees are invited to setup their Amiga and Amiga related systems to show and demo. Space is limited so show up early to get a spot.

AmiWest 2014 is going to be a great show. Can't spoil the fun by giving away the secrets of what will be revealed. You'll have to come to see all that's happening on the Amiga World today.

Schedule summary:

Oct 23 - Programming seminar starts at 10 AM
Oct 24 - Programming seminar starts at 9 AM, Classic Clinic at 5 PM.
Oct 25 - Show floor opens at 10 AM, Show closes at 5PM, Banquet at 7 PM
Oct 26 - Swap Meet at 9 AM, Floor opens at 10 AM, Show closes at 5 PM

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